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FIFA 21: Title Update 5: Gameplay And General Update

A few days ago, Electronic Arts has released the fifth title update for FIFA 21 with patch 1.07. This, somewhat huge patch (2.5GB on consoles) has brought a lot of changes to the game in general, but also to the gameplay and some of the game modes, namely Career Mode, FIFA Ultimate Team, and Volta Football. In this article, we will cover the gameplay and general changes introduced to the game.

As we stated in the introduction to this article, patch 1.07 is the fifth major update for FIFA 21. There are several changes to the gameplay following the community’s feedback. Here are some of the most meaningful changes to the gameplay of FIFA. FIFA 21 coins system is not changed. The distance that the ball can travel, when it hits the foot or leg of a defender during a blocking animation has increased. The Overload Ball Side D-Pad Tactic has more effect on the stamina of your players. The same goes for the Constant Pressure, Pressure On Heavy Touch, and Pressure On Possession Loss Tactics.

The patch has also addressed some issues that the players experienced in-game. Your players will now shoot after a normal amount of time when they request a shot. You can now perform the bridge skill move whatever button configuration you use. If a player commits a foul that should earn him a yellow card, but the referee ignores it by calling for an advantage, a second yellow card will no longer grant that player a red one. Some issues with the goalkeeper animations have also been fixed by the update.

Concerning the general audio and visual of the game, here are a sample of the changes. The ping bars that appear in online match lobbies will now give better feedback of the reality. The update has also added new menu tiles to the game in preparation for the future FIFA Playtime tool. That tool will allow the players to have better control over their game experience. It will be available from the main menu, FUT, and Volta Football. Additionally, the patch has added 25 Player Star Heads to the game.

The update has also fixed some of the issues concerning general audio and visuals. Players will no longer disappear from celebration scenes after a penalty. Some issues with EA Tracks’ text and visuals have also been fixed, along with various stability and performance issues.


(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)