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How many different types of workplaces do I need?

How many types of workplaces do I need?

How do I find out what needs to be changed in my ‘old’ office?

If you have employess who are expected to adopt the so called agile working, you could consider to reduce the number of workplaces. You needd to use a comprehensive analysis to determine how many workplaces of any kind you will need when agile working is introduced.

Refurbishment of the office areas

If you want to set up the office interiors for agile working, then you will have to invest in the re-design and refurbishment of the office space. The function of quite a lot of the office space turns into a meeting place. Therefore more attention should be given to the creation of, for example, collaborattion spaces, meeting rooms, lounge area’s and breakout spaces.

That is more expensive than the cost of a traditional office, but in the long term the investment is likely to pay off. Many modern offices look like that there is a lot of money invested but in reality these companies save a lot of costs on work stations with all the equipment and the have more meeting spaces. So they are cheaper than traditional offices with the same number of employees.

Cost saving 

Generally, you can reduce the number of work stations with 10-30% if you introduce agile working. A workstation costs an average of £6000 – £9000 a year, so if you are smart you can save a lot of money. However, you will need to invest in ICT, such as a wireless LAN, laptops, smartphones, digital archiving and video conferencing.


For companies with more than 30 employees it is advisable to comprehensively analyse which functionality you need and what the occupancy rate of your office is. You can do this by hiring a workplace consultancy firm like Amos Beech for instance. Department by department you look at how often your employees are in, what tasks are carried out and which functionalities are needed. Then you determine how many and what type of workstations you need. Then review your how many square meters you need and work on spaceplanning. 

Corporate culture

The redesign is also dependent on the corporate culture. That is why it is important for the employees to be involved in the decision-making process. Identify how they work and how they want to work.