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Ideas for your own business

Ideas for your own business



Everyone is good at something and there is always a need for that. Do you know everything about logistics, human resources or online marketing? Then you might consider starting your own business as a consultant. You could work somewhere as an interim or write a report for a shorter period of time about areas of improvement.


You name it, companies can use your help. It will take some searching to find the right customers. However, with perseverance you can get far and a new career as a consultant is definitely one to consider if you are a specialist.


What do you need?


Be an expert in your field

Be able to keep many balls in the air

Be able to work in both large and small teams

Animal Warden

An animal keeper is very multi-interpretable. For example, you can think of a dog groomer or even a hoof doctor (yes really, check the video below). Are you good with animals and do you have the knowledge that the animal needs? Then you can work with them and start your own business.


The gentleman in the example below has combined several business ideas. In addition to having his own business as a hoof doctor, he also started a YouTube channel with over 300,000 subscribers. You can bet that the gentleman can make a living from his YouTube channel alone.


What do you need?


A passion for animals

The right tools



Graphic design

Some have that gift. Being able to draw well and have a sense of art. This is something you can very easily start your own business in. The people who are cool with it often already have the right software to be able to create and edit images digitally. Personally, I often use services from people who can do this much better than I can.


With companies like Fiverr, you can even get jobs relatively easily. You create a profile and post a portfolio online. For many artists on Fiverr, it’s their full-time job editing and they’re making capitals. Who knows, maybe I’ll buy my next images from you? #discounts


What do you need.


A laptop

The right software


Washing cars

We live in the Netherlands. That means our cars get a short wash regularly due to the rain. Still, there is plenty of dirt or bird droppings left over that need to be washed. Are you good at this and do you enjoy driving expensive cars? Then you can start your own business as a car washer.


There are places all over the Netherlands where you can wash a complete car for a few euros. Not everyone has the time or inclination to do this on their own. You could offer for a good hourly wage to pick up these cars, wash them and deliver them clean again. This way you constantly drive a new car and help people to look good again.


What do you need?


A driver’s license (useful when you take the cars to the carwash)

Eye for detail

Good planning skills

Repair electronics

I myself have no understanding of electronics. I know how everything works on a computer, but don’t ask me to fix the kettle or the TV. So you regularly see the call from people for a handy Harrie or Harriëtte in electronics. Do you have this knowledge? Then you can offer to repair this no cure no pay. 


In addition, you could consider picking up broken electronics from people who want to get rid of them. Once you know how to fix it you can sell it again on something like marketplace. Most things are easy to fix for someone with the knowledge. Therefore you can often get a good price for the repaired electronics. 


What do you need?


Knowledge of many devices


A workshop



This list already contains quite a few options for which you may need a website. There also needs to be someone to create and design this website. With a WordPress theme you often come a long way and after a little practice you can have a beautiful website up and running in no time. Have you mastered this trick? Then you can earn a lot of money with the creation and maintenance of websites.


Think of a low rate for creating the website and a maintenance contract where someone pays a monthly fee to keep the website online. With the right knowledge and a little practice, you can start a good web design agency of your own and make a lot of money doing this.


What do you need?


A laptop

The right software

The ability to think creatively with your clients



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