NBA Live 18 – What Franchise Mode is all about

Franchise mode allows NBA Live 18 players to experience a team manager’s duties that include team setup, player development, and competitions.

Franchise mode is one of the many ways in which NBA Live 18 players can enjoy the game. This mode is for those who like to take responsibility for a team and to supervise its development. Team building is the first step players will take. There are two options here. Managers will take control of a current team or make one themselves. There are no rules concerning team composition. Users can select any basketball player to be part of their team. Players will be required to make plenty of decisions that will shape the future of their franchise and determine the winning odds in championships.

My Team is the feature that allows managers to take care of their team. Players will be involved in all the aspects of a managerial job. Team composition is not a constant so they will be on the lookout for new talents on the free agent market. Player trading is also part of team management. The injury report has files on all players and their health state. Managers are also in charge of deciding the salaries. Players can be improved with upgrade points. These points are acquired when players achieve goals.

There are many tasks but luckily there’s a to-do list that gives starting managers a sense of direction. The to-do list has weekly objectives such as match simulation, moments games, and more. Players will be required to take part in full games or just play a couple of key moments. The to-do list contains features such as free agent bidding and draft recap. This is also the place where info on other teams can be obtained.

When player’s finish all the assignments for one week, they will take one step further and start a new week. The league feature shows important team statistics like transactions, stats, player stats, and season standings. Player of the Month winners are also shown here. Managers can also checks who are the MVP candidates thanks to this feature. NBA Live 18 franchise mode provides a different experience than The One mode so players are invited to give it a go if they haven’t already. Actually, besides the guide you need to know, the nba live 18 coins are the most important parts for your playing, the better players, the stronger team, all these needs the help of nba live 18 currency.

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