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Particle research for product development

Particles and powders are often used in the development of industrial products. The properties of particles can differ and therefore also the effect they have on the functioning of the product. An important factor that plays a role here is the size of the particles. This can be determined in various ways. Solids Solutions in Delft conducts research into the properties of particles and powders. In our laboratory various instruments are available to obtain the desired information.


Sedimentation of nanoparticles


Nanoparticles are added to various products to improve their substance. However, not all nanoparticles are the same size. There are various methods and techniques to calculate the exact size of nanoparticles. In the case of sedimentation nanoparticles are added to a liquid to calculate the sedimentation rate. This can then be used to determine the size of the particles.


Dynamic light scattering


To calculate the size of powder particles, the dynamic light scattering method is used. This technique can also be used for suspensions. The particles are scattered in a certain medium and illuminated with a laser beam. Based on the scattering pattern, the size of the individual particles can be determined, as well as the particle size distribution.


Follow course or seminar


Solids Solutions can advise you with regard to product development. You can also contact us to follow courses and seminars. In these, we share our knowledge in the field of particle and powder technology. On the website you will find our events calendar. Are you stuck in your production process and do you want to make use of consultancy? Please contact us so we can look for a suitable solution.