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Rent a car and enjoy the top 5 things to do in Porto

On the slants over the Douro Estuary, Porto could be a notable trade city with trade and exchange. Here you will know how rich the heritage of Portugal is. The beautiful walls, the churches of Baroque, and the streets of Riviera are compact and much more to have you in awe.

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Five things you must do in Porto

Let us talk about the places you must visit while you are in Porto and explore while you are on your journey.

Visit to the compact streets of Cais da Ribeira

The riverside of Porto gets a bit chaotic but it is joyful to explore it. Cais da Ribeira is very picturesque and holds great awe in the hearts of the visitors. You can find many restaurants and bars in each corner and also by the riverside. Luis bridge gives its most gorgeous view from Cais da Ribeira. Many guiding boards and instruction signs have been displayed in the Casa da Ribeira so that the visitors have an idea about the history and features and also the characteristics of the area. These boards might also inform you about the commerce knowledge of this place.

The mesmerizing Serralves Museum & Villa

The Serralves villa is located in the west. This place can be amazing if you want to have a day out. This villa known as Casa De Serralves was built somewhere between the years of 1925 and 1944 by very expert designers who took care of the interior design of the villa. It has beautiful land which is regimented. On the other side, you can have a visit to the museum named Contemporary Art Museum. This was built in 1999 for very high-class art exhibitions.

Have a Touring Voyage by the Douro River

You are on a tour and you are not on a cruise? You are missing the fun part of being in Porto. Along with the existence of the city life, it is a must that one can see the amazing lively city life from the tour on the cruise. The cruise is going to pass by many popular ridges and points of interest for many travelers. You will follow many wine merchants and see their harbors on the way to the Douro River. You will also pass under the most beautiful Luis Bridge.

Visit the very beautiful Palácio da Bolsa

The ancient stock exchange building of Porto was built near the São Francisco Church. This was built after it was burnt down amid an attack in Porto in the year of 1832. The sculpture of the ancient stock exchange is very rich and elegant. They have installed beautiful chandeliers, decorative pieces, and tiles. 

Listen to orchestra in Casa da Música

Another very beautiful cityscape of Port is the Casa da Musica. It is a hall for the concerts which was founded in 2005. It has installed a very advanced technology for scenography. The auditorium inside is made of two walls that are made of glass. You will listen to orchestral symphonies of popular soloists.


Visit Porto to acknowledge yourself with the rich heritage of Portugal. Having a vehicle will make it easier for you to explore the places that you want without wasting time. When you compare car rental services it gets easier to find cheap car rental.