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The end is near

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Now, during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, states are taking simply colossal measures to combat the infection. These are large-scale isolation, quarantines, preventive measures, assistance to other countries, citizens and businesses.

Never before has history known such large-scale measures, such coherence of actions and such a successful fight against a pandemic. Why successful?

We analyzed the historical book by American political scientist Dan Carlin, The End Is Near, and we want to tell you that now everything looks much better than it ever was.

Humanity has found itself on the brink of destruction countless times. Cataclysms, wars, pandemics, which just happened. And the victims, just huge losses, amounting to tens of millions of people. Yes, there are dozens, sometimes hundreds. For example, in 541, the first real pandemic broke out – the Justinian plague, in which 100 million people died. According to some reports, about half of the then population of the world died from this pandemic!

Another known pandemic, the Spanish flu, broke out in 1918–1920. By 1920, the death toll was about 100 million, according to epidemiologists. But the society was much more advanced scientifically and medically, which did not prevent the pandemic from breaking out.

Karlin writes that not only deadly infections threaten humanity, there is also the likelihood of a nuclear apocalypse, various natural disasters, and a financial collapse that could return people to the Middle Ages. All these threats are absolutely real and must be taken into account.

We recommend reading our new exclusive material. Not in order to panic and be afraid, but in order to replenish our knowledge base, understand the historical perspective, and simply learn to appreciate the benefits that we have now.

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