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The teamwork between law enforcement and ANPR

Those with access to our private information have the burden of having to be extra sensitive, they cannot afford to make mistakes. Law enforcement is one of the many agencies that have that access. Unfortunately, there are people in law enforcement, humans. And one thing about us humans is that we tend to make mistakes. Luckily for law enforcement, there are technological advancements that help them not make any mistakes. When it comes to collecting number plate information from vehicles, law enforcement has the ANPR system or automatic number plate recognition.

How exactly does law enforcement use this system?

To be able to efficiently collect information on number plates from passing vehicles, you will need a camera, which is the main part of the ANPR system. The camera of the system is placed on top of the police car in a location that can strategically see the number plates. The cars are then parked in an area where other passing vehicles will drive past them. As they drive past, the camera will capture images of the number plates automatically. After that, the images will be sent to a central database in order for them to get processed. Any important data will be extracted from the images and then saved. This data can be used as soon as it is gotten, however, it can also be saved for a rainy day.

The rainy days when law enforcement uses ANPR data 

Because of how simple and fast the automatic number plate recognition system works, law enforcement officials are able to get access to a lot of information efficiently. Here are some ways they use that data.

  • They can use the data to try and find and/or monitor criminals

  • Locate any vehicles that have been reported missing or stolen

  • The data can aid law enforcement officials when they need to create intelligence reports concerning locations that need to be observed regularly 


ANPR brings quite a bit of advantages for law enforcement, and as time goes on the system will only get more advanced. Finding missing or stolen vehicles and criminals has been a lot easier with the automatic number plate recognition system, and soon things might be even easier.